JHT HQ’s Customer Service team arranges annual Training Seminars to give our distributors and subsidiaries knowledge of our products in order to provide preventive maintenance and quality service to your customers.

Our cardio training seminar is divided into two segments—mechanical and electrical—while our strength training will focus on design and usability.

Upon completion of the Matrix Training Seminar, providers will receive a signed certification letter, allowing them to begin approved service on all Matrix-branded fitness equipment. To maintain status as a Matrix certified service provider, distributors and subsidiaries must attend an annual training seminar to review new products and/or best practice tips for the service of older equipment. For all seminars, lunch will be provided. Any travel arrangements and hotel accommodations are your responsibility.

JHT HQ’s Global Training Seminar will be held annually for major territories. For more information, please contact your local Matrix agent. Or, you may email Kevin Chang at JHT HQ at kevin184@johnsonfitness.com.